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About Rininrd

Foshan Rininrd Energy Saving Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

  Foshan lingyingda energy saving technology co., LTD. Specializes in the production of carbon dioxide (CO2) heat pump water heater, high temperature air dryer, compressed air dryer and other related refrigeration energy saving and environmental protection equipment.


  Adhering to the product concept of "technology innovation, quality first", ling yingda takes the mission of creating "green home" and continuously launches high-performance and high-quality products to meet the market demand. Through the efforts of the company's r&d team for several years, the company has developed CO2 air source heat pump, high temperature heater (air outlet temperature 120℃), high temperature dryer, water source heat pump, integral/split type cascade unit, and household split/integrated air source heat pump. Boiling water (outlet water temperature 100℃) and other products; At the same time, it has also developed frozen compressed air dryer, adsorption compressed air dryer, compressed heat, hot air blower compressed air dryer; Compressed air CO2 removal dryer and other compressed air post-treatment equipment. Technology leading at home and abroad, energy saving effect.


   Products are not only suitable for petroleum, chemical, textile, metallurgy, automobile and other industrial production environment, to provide clean compressed air for industrial production; At the same time, it also provides all kinds of refrigeration/heating related solutions for home, hotel, school, natatorium, hospital, farm and other industries. For co2 heat pump system and compressed air dry purification system, the company has a complete solution and rich engineering experience, and will continue to lead the energy conservation and environmental protection industry in technological innovation.