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Significant effect of safety and energy saving


[Safety and stability]

Main control from Italian, Japanese and German
Intelligent Cloud service, remote management

Fault information is uploaded to client or Rininrd cloud service system ;

Separation of water and electricity, constant water temperature, non-toxic working medium, non-flammable;

The refrigeration system has designed 6 high voltage protection devices ;

compressors and pumps adopt frequency conversion control .


[cryogenic operation]

Intelligent defrosting and anti-freezing Break the low temperature limit

works safely and steadily in the environment of -30-43℃, and continuously provides hot water at 90℃ to break the "limit"


Intelligent detection defrosting demand, frequency conversion control can save 50% energy than traditional or other similar production;

span>professional incremental control of frequency conversion to meet the requirements of different water consumption in different environments;


[Energy Conservation]

Maximum efficiency (COP = 4.8)

ODP=0(ozone threat potential),GWP=1(greenhouse effect potential);

is not bound by any country's tax and regulatory regulations;

has COP automatic tracking system , which can automatically change parameters in real time and achieve the most efficient operation;

Frequency conversion control electronic expansion valve to ensure maximum COP.


[Hot water]

the highest water temperature can reach 98℃ the ideal choice for industrial application

The water temperature up to 98℃ is much higher than that of the traditional HFC refrigerant used in heat pumps. The thermal efficiency of hot water produced by

at 95℃ is 2.5 times higher than that of traditional electric heating.

such high temperature effluent can effectively prevent the formation of the Roman Legion.

  • Co2 heat pump
  • Co2 Dryer

High performance, high quality to meet market demand.

Technology innovation,Quality first

Foshan Lingyingda Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, is the partner of Italy Du Ling and Japan Matsushita in China. Foshan Lingyingda Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing carbon dioxide (CO2) heat pump water heater, carbon dioxide high temperature air energy. Energy-saving and environmental protection equipment such as dryers, refrigerating dryers, and adsorption dryers. Foshan Lingyingda adheres to the product philosophy of “Technology Innovation...

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