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The upper limit of water temperature reaches 90 °C;

Working limit - 41 ° C effluent 98 ° C;

Natural refrigerant, high energy efficiency ratio (COP);

At the same time, it produces high-temperature storage of hot water and hot water tanks. It can reduce the capacity of water tanks based on high-temperature storage and can meet a large amount of water.

Multiple modules (eight at the same time);

Safety (6 high-voltage safety protection, water and electricity separation);

The core control components of the unit are Italian Carre PLC and CPP;

The units are equipped with special CO2 pistons and twin-rotor compressors from Rininrd or Panasonic;

The unit uses electronic expansion to achieve continuous control and expansion of refrigerant flow;

The unit has built-in Wilo pump to control by frequency conversion; to obtain high-precision water temperature;

The outer shell of the unit adopts galvanized sheet and spraying process, the unit water receiving tray and the inlet and outlet ports are all made of 304 stainless steel, and the added aluminum filter net effectively protects the heat exchange efficiency of the evaporator.


CO2 heat pump is the ideal solution for the installation of high temperature hot water

The ideal place to use:

Hotel / Restaurant / Factory and School Canteen / Residential and Tourist Building / Sports Center

Hospital / Industrial Food Disinfection / Dry Cleaners and Textile Manufacturing / Cement Manufacturing / As long as hot water is needed

Smart frequency conversion
Smart frequency conversion

Automatic frequency change in real time for the most efficient operation (most efficient hot water production)

The unit operates in the summer variable (satisfying the efficient operation of the heat exchanger)

In the heating condition, it can be incrementally controlled according to the heat load (high efficiency heating at -30 degrees)

The unit's own variable (safer) when the unit is exposed to high temperature and pressure

In the summer, the fan reduces energy consumption by itself (the fan can save 50% energy)

Reduced grid impact through variable frequency drive and extended compressor life (durable)

Max COP algorithm
Max COP algorithm

With the COP automatic tracking system, there are no substitutes on the market.

The parameters can be automatically changed in real time for the most efficient operation.

Variable flow through the electronic expansion valve during variable operating conditions.

Management control, which effectively ensures the maximum cop.